Service to our Residents

Friday Hill TMO carries out must Housing function which would have been provided by the Housing Department within London Borough of Waltham Forest.  



All rountine property repairs are carried out bu Contractor emplyed directly by Friday Hill TMO. FHTMO also employes a Surevyor 3 days a week and Graham can be e-mailed 

Rent Income

FHTMO is responsible for the collection of rent arrears to the tenanted properties which come under our Management. THe TMO is also able to give advise on Welfare Benefits. FHTMO is also responsible for the colelction of Former Tenant Arrears and the garage arrears of the 100 garages which come under our Management.  Friday Hill TMO's incoem office is Amanda Edwards and can be e-mailed

Tenancy Manageemnt


Estate Service

Friday Hill TMO have been responsilbe for the caretakign serive since November 1998 and the Grounds Maintence from 2000. The service is currenly carried out in-house and is managed by Sharon. Sharon can be e-mailed

Anti-Social Behavoiur