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Friday Hill
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The Chingdale Centre
19 Chingdale Road, London, E4 6HZ

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On the 16th July 2021 Friday Hill in Bloom took place.

The 4 judges (staff and Board Members of FHTMO) visited over 12 gardens and was very impressed by the hard work of several residents. 

This year saw several new entries to the Annual Competition. 

If you would like to get involved please contact Jeremy or Bonita @ FHTMO or e-mail

Below we have added a few photos. 

Bluehouse Road – Communal Garden

Wittenham Way – Garden

Gordon Avenue – Communal Garden

Saxlingham Road – Communal Rose Garden

Bluehouse Road – Garden

Chadwick Avenue – Garden

Boteley Close – Pots and Tubs

Boteley Close – Balcony