Friday Hill
Tenant Management Organisation

working towards providing excellent housing and reliable services

The Chingdale Centre
19 Chingdale Road, London, E4 6HZ

Tel. 020 8523 9433 |


Friday Hill TMO’s Time Line

Below are the dates of some key events and milestones for Friday Hill TMO

FHTMO Timeline

January 10

Resident Group

Resident group formed and set out on a journey to Manage there own properties
June 1

Residents Vote

Resident voted in favour of a Tenant Management Organisation. (71% turnout and 81% in favour)

November 2

Housing Services

From the 2nd November FHTMO started to provide the Housing Service.

March 1

Formed a Charity

Friday Hill TMO formed a charity called Friday Hill Community Association to run it’s community event

April 8

Property Management

Took over the Management of 250 properties in Chingford Hatch and Higham Park (72% turnout and 86% in favour)

June 9

Annual Friday Hill in Bloom Competition

Our first annual Friday Hill in Bloom Competition

July 30

Seaside Trip

First Trip to Seaside

August 22

Friday Hill TMO Award

Friday Hill TMO was awarded Investor in People

March 5

Kite Mark Award

Awarded the Kite Mark for Good Governance

July 18

Open Day

First Friday Hill TMO ‘Open Day’