Friday Hill
Tenant Management Organisation

working towards providing excellent housing and reliable services

The Chingdale Centre
19 Chingdale Road, London, E4 6HZ

Tel. 020 8523 9433 |


Repairs / Improvements to Communal Areas of Blocks

Friday Hill TMO (FHTMO) is responsible for the repairs service to the 775 properties which come under our management.

The TMO has 3 main repairs categories:

Priority ‘A’ = attend within 2 hours complete job within 24 hours;

Priority ‘B’ = attend within 24 hours complete within 3 days;

Priority ‘C’ = contact within 5 days and complete within 20 working days.

Out of Hours

FHTMO also have an Out of Hours service which operates when the TMO is closed.

This service is a make safe service only and the contact numbers are below. 

Major Works

The Major Works are now carried out by Waltham Forest Council but FHTMO can make recommendation to these program. FHTMO is currently carrying out quarterly inspection of all the blocks which come under our management and look at improvements which includes Door Entry Systems, Parking improvements, Roof Renewals and Works etc.

Should you have any suggestions then please contact Graham on 020 8523 9433 or e-mail

Gas Central Heating

This function is not the responsibility of FHTMO and remains with the Council who employ the contractor Aston Group. 

If you have an issue with your Heating and Hot Water appointment can be booked direct with the Aston Group by calling 020 8496 4197 option 4 for housing then 1 for repairs then 2 for heating and gas.