Friday Hill
Tenant Management Organisation

working towards providing excellent housing and reliable services

The Chingdale Centre
19 Chingdale Road, London, E4 6HZ

Tel. 020 8523 9433 |


Regular Events

Monthly Book Club / Coffee Morning

Our monthly book club / coffee morning takes place on the last Thursday of the month at Friday Hill TMO’s Office between 10.30am and 12.30 noon.
We will have over 100 books and DVD to borrow and the daily and local Newspapers. Tea / Coffee and Biscuit available.
Hope to see you then all welcome.

Walking Groups

FHTMO is the meeting and starting point for 2 weekly walking groups which take place on Monday’s and Thursday’s.

The meet time is 11am and the Monday walk is for 1 hour whilst the Thursday walk is 2 hours.

In the near future it is hoped at the end of the walks some refreshments will be provided.

Annual General Meeting and Open Day

Each year FHTMO has to hold an Annual General Meeting. The date for this year AGM is going to take place on Saturday 9th September 2023 @ 1.30pm. Before and after the event we are inviting all our residents to join us our our annual Open Day. (More information to follow)

Trip to the Seaside - Southend -on -Sea - Wednesday 30th August 2023

FHTMO are arranging our annual trip to the seaside. This year it is Southend -on-Sea and the trip will be taking place on Wednesday 30th August 2023. If you are interested in attending please contact FHTMO.
Tickets priced at £5.00 per seat

Friday Hill in Bloom - June 2023

Since 2003 Friday Hill TMO have been running an annual gardening competition and has three categories.
1. Best Garden.
2. Best Communal Garden
3. Best Pots and Tubs.
The 2023 competition is taking place on Wednesday 28th June 2023.
If you have a garden and would like to enter this popular competition please contact Jeremy or Bonita @ FHTMO on 020 8523 9433 or ideally e-mail