Friday Hill
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The Chingdale Centre
19 Chingdale Road, London, E4 6HZ

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Firstly a big Thank You to all the residents who returned the questionnaire on FHTMO new business plan.

The outcome of the returned questionnaires was that over 90% of residents agreed with the suggestion made by the Board of Friday Hill TMO.

As you are aware for each 25 questionnaires a £25 ‘All For One’ gift card was provided the residents who won lived in the following Road:-

  1. Bluehouse Road
  2. Sheldon House
  3. Nightingdale Road

Some of the feedback and comments which residents made were very nice and we thank you for taking the time to send this back it means a lot the staff and Board of Friday Hill TMO.

‘Local Office Local Service’

‘Helpful Staff’

‘Good Repairs Service’

‘Feel very valued and lucky to be a tenant of Friday Hill TMO’

Some areas where improvements could be made

‘More event in the winter months’

‘Unhelpful Staff’